Little Playground

We knew there was another rides area buried somewhere in Izmaylovski Park, so armed with what we hoped was an accurate map, we set off to find it.  It was quite a hike—thirty minutes at least—but it took us down a pleasantly shady, tree-lined path.  Unfortunately, by this point in the day the ache in my heels was starting to migrate up my calves, so it was quite a relief to see Little Playground finally come into view.



On Google Translate, this comes up as “crumb.”



But try and put this map heading in there and it turns into “pipsqueak.”


DSCN0250 Little Playground was quite a cute place, actually.



It was clean, well kept, and very colorful.



 They have a lot to offer pipsqueak crumbs.



Not credit whores, though.  At least, not today.



This is Shark Coaster.  Unfortunately, it was closed because all the sharks were in Hollywood that week for the premiere of Sharknado.



That’s legit.  I’m down with that, just like my ass was down on this bench as soon as I was done taking pictures.

It’s always an embuggerance to miss a credit, but the upshot to this one is that we found ourselves across the way from a café.  The thought of retracing our long trek up here seemed about as pleasant as a Ryanair flight, so we opted to sit and rejuvenate for an hour with some drinks before setting out into the unknown.

(No, really, we were about to do just that.  The last park of the day was known only through some keen spotting on Google Maps!)