Victory Park, take 2

This time, we emerged from the metro to see the monuments adorning the Square of Victors tinged with gold as the evening sun dropped westward.  The breeze was warm, my tummy was full and the spring in my step was not due to trying to outrun goosebumps.  There was hope.  Oh, there was hope!


DSCN0493It was dashed.



It was dashed quickly.



It became evident that this place had not run in a very long time.  The pavement was overgrown…



Most entrances were fenced off…



The Tilt A Whirl was not only covered and chained off, but also had tape around its perimeter further demarcating its status…



Even the trampolines were removed from their poles.




Ah well.  This certainly wasn’t an ideal situation, but I have to admit it was less vexing to know this was SBNO than to unknowingly visit an operational park on a day it was closed.



I walked a little slower back up the hill, taking in some sights I hadn’t fully enjoyed earlier like the gold domed St. George’s church, which looked magnificent in the evening light.



Across the street from the park is the third reincarnation of the Triumphal Arch.  The original stood in a different location and was fabricated of wood in 1814 to commemorate the Russian victory over Napoleon.  Now it sits, choked within twelve lanes of traffic.  Fitting way to mark victory over a guy who was concerned with his size, I suppose.

I’d say Victory Park is worth a stop if Russian military history and freezer burnt ice cream are your thing.

They’re not my thing.  But it is a visually impressive place.

A few more photos and it was back on the subway for our last stop of the night, Gorky Park.